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AmburNet.Com, is pleased to Welcome Students of Mazharul Uloom College and Alumni scattered throughout the world! Find your old college-mates, study abroad program, business school, or other educational program. Register and catch-up with your fellow alumni in our free-to-use alumni communities! Let your friends know about this and call them to register. AmburNet.Com will add more services day by day.
AmburNet.Com is also pleased to welcome NRAs (Non Resident Amburians) residing worldwide to utilize our service and register with us in order to keep a touch with their home town, with their families and friends.

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Free Registration for all old and new students of MU College & General Citizens of Ambur
Brilliant ideas to share with Reminiscence and memoirs that could help the younger Generation
1000s of Alumnis & Students, NRAs (Non Resident Amburians) residing worldwide
Excellent Career Guidance and Advance Studies look up, Sharing of rich experience
Research works, Project Reports, and much more ....
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Practical ways to celebrate students in the classroom. Encourage, motivate and reward ...

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No sorry, No worry: Find out the correct course of action in your life.... Your Career Life ...
Plan right from today ! Join us and reap benefits. Free... for all students of MU College.

Ambur Muslim Educational Society

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