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AmburNet.Com, is pleased to Welcome Students of Mazharul Uloom College and Alumni scattered throughout the world! Find your old college-mates, study abroad program, business school, or other educational program. Register and catch-up with your fellow alumni in our free-to-use alumni communities! Let your friends know about this and call them to register. AmburNet.Com wil add more services day by day.

Hostel facilities are provided to the limited number of the college students by the A.M.E.S., ., which maintains it. Maximum possible facilities are offered to the inmates of the hostel. The mess of the hostel provides both Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian food.

Hostel accommodation is available for a limited number of students only.

The general administration of the hostel is under the principal who is the ex-officio warden of the hostel. There is a deputy warden in-charge of the day to day administration of the hostel, assisted by sub wardens.
The hostel rules shall apply to all the inmates equally and the warden’s interpretation of them shall be final.


Students of the college alone are eligible for admission for admission into the hostel should sign a declaration agreeing the abide by all the rules and regulations of the hostel.
Students found in the hostel premises without proper reasons and specific permission of the deputy warden during the regular class hours of the college shall be severely punished.
Admission to the hostel is for one academic year only .re-admission to the hostel will be considered purely on the basis of good conduct of the inmate in the proceeding year.
Mess expenses, Electricity and Water consumption will be collected on the basis of dividing system every month.
Application for admission to the hostel must be submitted to the warden a.m.e.s. hostel. Mazharul Uloom College, Ambur. Registration fee of rs.25/- has to be paid with every application for admission to the hostel. Copies of the rules and regulations of the hostel can be had from the hostel office.

Allotment of rooms to boarders will be made by the deputy warden. Boarders are not permitted to change rooms without the Deputy Warden’s permission. Any boarders may be transferred from the room originally allotted to him to another in the interest of discipline.


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