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Meals and breakfast are not transferable.


Boarders shall seat themselves in the dining hall without leaving any gap, in the order in which they  enter the hall.

All boarders are to observe silence in the dining hall. Anyone making unseemly noice o abusing the hostel staff, or involve in any such misconduct shall be severely dealt with.
Boarders shall not remove tumblers and other vessels from the dining hall or not shall handle vessels containing food and serve themselves.


Boarders will on no account be served meal or Tiffin in their  rooms except when they are ill and under medical treatment.
No boarders, unless he is a member he is a member of the mess committee is allowed to enter the kitchen or give instructions to the cooks and serpents. Meals and breakfast shall ordinarily be  served during the following hours only.

Breakfast             :   From 7-00 a.m. To 8-00 a.m.
Lunch                   :   From 1-30 p.m. To 2-30 p.m.
Night supper      :   From 7-00 p.m. To 8-00 p.m.

Hours of the meals and breakfast are fixed by the warden taking in to consideration then working hours of the college, mess arrangements etc. Subject to changes to suit special occasions.

Boarders are required to be in the dining hall during the fixed hours, as serving is not possible beyond specified hours.

Guests are not ordinarily allowed. However when a parent o guardian or a near relative has to be entertained, the boarder must give three hours notice to the hostel office to enable in to make necessary  arrangements.
Any boarder who wants to entertain guest must obtain tickets from the hostel office and present them to the head cook. Guest- tickets once issued cannot be taken back and the amount will be debited to the account of the hosteller concerned.
No visitor related to the hosteller who has come Ambur on private business or who suffers from any disease likely to infect others, shall be allowed to stay or to take food in the hostel. If a boarder wants to lodge his close relative for a night he has to obtain previous permission from the deputy warden. The boarder shall then enter in the guest register kept in hostel office, the name of the guest, the nature of relationship, the time departure and the purpose of visit etc. The boarder shall be responsible for the conduct of his guest.



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